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VCV is a homework verification system: tests with cheating protection, questionnaires, open questions and video answers.
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Teach Remotely
Record your lectures, divide them into modules and lessons, and send them to your students in the convenient form of a landing page. Complement the learning process with questions in text or video format and receive feedback or homework in a corresponding manner. Video answers are the best way to assess your students' knowledge in the area of humanities or social sciences. This platform allows for an easy way to manage homework submissions, midterm, and final exams.
Lead the lessons remotely
Break down the material into topics and supplement the lectures with video surveys for students to get feedback immediately after the lesson.
Assess student knowledge online
Evaluate student progress in foreign languages, mathematics, literacy, and other subjects, as well as academic presentations and projects. Add your pool of questions and answers, letting VCV control an assignment submission.
Automated assignment check
VCV automatically checks examination results and provides a real-time dashboard of students's performance. Check the level of your students' knowledge by creating separate tests for each module and class.
Create tests of any level of complexity
Add images, audio and video materials to assignments. Create a single or multiple choice question. Ask open-ended questions. You can randomise the order and quantity of questions asked.
Use video questions
Record your question to create an imitation of your presence. Add notes and recommendations to assignments. Share links to learning material with students and create corresponding assessment modules.
Set a time limit
With the consent of the student, VCV performs frame-by-frame filming during assessment. Furthermore, assignment questions cannot be copied and answers cannot be pasted.
Receive transparent knowledge with protection from cheating
Track test integrity by checking if a student cheats or uses third-party resources or support. VCV smart screening also shows whether or not an assignment was completed independently by a student. With the consent of the student, VCV performs frame-by-frame filming during assessment. Furthermore, assignment questions cannot be copied and answers cannot be pasted.
VCV has been implemented at
Since 2019, VCV has been tightly integrated into our processes and allowed us to scale all our hiring volumes very well. Now we have no idea how we used to work and hire online teachers without VCV!

Nina Borisenko, Head of Lead Generation Department (via warm channels), Skyeng
With VCV, we've accelerated hiring process of teachers and expended the recruitment funnel by covering those candidates who were unable to come to face-to-face interview .

Elena Filiagina, Recruitment Officer, Letovo School
Thanks a lot for an opportunity to arrange a lab work in online format. The process went absolutely smooth.

Stanislav Kruglik,
visiting lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering of High School of Economics
High school students took a test via VCV platform at our school. We used both testing and video modules.
What we liked:
+ Intuitive and user-friendly web interface
+ Notifications by email and texts messages
+ The countdown to the time expiration
+ Auto proctoring
+ Asynchronous video answers to the questions
We did like the platform. We found it very convenient, functional and attractive.

Andrew Medvedev,
professor in basic economics of Economics and Maths School
How it works
VCV easily fits other tools for online learning: video conferences in Skype and Zoom, teacher-student communication in Microsoft Teams, and others. Conduct a lecture or seminar via video conference, and after checking student knowledge with the help of our video interviews and tests, collect all the information regarding project materials and save each student's performance result on your VCV account.
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